About Us

Welcome to Dainik Purvoday, the largest circulated Hindi Daily of India's Northeast. It is published by Purvoday Publications Private Limited.

Launched on April 18, 2005 from Guwahati and Jorhat and later extended to the southern Assam city of Silchar Dainik Purvoday has now succeeded in reaching a readership of over two lakh. It is now most popular and highest circulated Hindi Daily of the region. It attained the number one position by virtue of its incisive reporting and extensive coverage of almost all the aspects of life.

The developmental journalism is our forte. The Northeast is already caught in the slip-stream of global changes. We are well abreast of all these buoyant and prosperous happenings. Our political comments are true, taught and clear. Our socio-economic reports and features are sanguine and inspiring. Our cultural, educational write-ups are enlightening. And, of course, towards everything we are broadly positive.

Dainik Purvoday is 12 pager : Local, regional, national, international with two to four pages in colour daily. And on every Sunday it comes out with an extra four page titled Lehre in colour.

The internet edition of Dainik Purvoday is a part of the ongoing exercise of trying to reach more people interested in India, specially its North-eastern region.